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This brings a Dish of meat Doves with herbs Klaten

Processing of meat pigeon or similar bird dara turned out to be not only delicious through the sheer delights of the Western. Meraciknya with herbs Klaten was not lost to enjoy. Kinds of herbs jadah using Palm sugar, tamarind, and other spices.
Executive Chef The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta,  Iwan Darmawan convey, refined menu of Home Made Grilled Pigeon Ala Klaten is actually not so different with processed chicken grilled Klaten in General.
It's just that for its main ingredient was replaced with a kind of doves, who before burned must be cooked with spices in a frying pan first so that the more tender. And after the herbs are absorbed, and then burned. The menu was filed together with potato sauce pesmol more coconut than cream.
"Replaced the coconut milk so tasty, and combined with a ratatouille that is the food of France, radishes with sambal balado. If the original baseball spicy, but this spicy and we make use of tomato sauce, "says Chef Iwan told reporters in a local hotel not long ago.
Another case with a menu of Braised Pigeon Goulash. Presenting processed meat doves with goulash. I.e. with herbs jadah kind of Western. This menu is served with buttered lentils rice which incorporated elements of vegetables such as carrots. Along with tempe vegetables cutlet, a nugget but with tempe which is then mixed with vegetables and breadcrumbs.
As a complementary vegetable condiments, tomatoes, beefstalk, peppers, lettuce, and enoki. And hopping vegetables, there is also a menu of Pigeon Skewered Salad. Serving of meat doves with assorted vegetables and orange mustard sauce into a salad.
"With these basic ingredients then we though being some sort of Western cuisine to fusion. We take the pigeon because their meat is more tender than chicken, and the process is faster than handling should be careful. Because the bones were small and quickly destroyed. These materials we import from Europe, "he explained.
Meanwhile, the Public Relations Manager of The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta Audrey Stella added, during the month of March 2016 menu-the menu is offered only with Rp 150,000.0-nett per portions.
And for such a Sweet dessert Crepes menu Combination, which contains a mixture of fruits salak, durian, strawberry and coconut grated, then cooked in brown sugar and pandan with blueberry and raspberry sauce, offered a price of Rp 60000.0-nett per portions.

Recipes Accompany Special Moments, Easter Cake Muffins

Welcome Passover coming soon, it's good you start to think about what is appropriate for dish served in the middle of the family when the special moment.
Like this one dish that seems to be able to make the closeness of your family  members is getting warm.
Not only easy to make it, Easter Cake Muffins from also feels so soft and melted in the mouth. Good luck!
300 g flour
1 tsp baking powder
125 g caster sugar
1 egg
100 ml vegetable oil
150 ml fresh milk
Brown multicolored
Extra caster sugar for sprinkling
How to make:
* Preheat oven to 160 ° C. prepare baking pan and lightly coat with paper muffin cup.
* Sift the flour into a bowl and stir together sugar. Make a hole in the middle of the dough of flour and sugar.
* In mangkung separate, combine the eggs, oil and milk, mix well, then pour into the hole in the middle of the dough. Mix well until all ingredients are well blended and flour are not lumpy.
* Content 3/4 paper cup with batter, add chocolate color, then close again with dough muffins.
* Bake for 20 minutes or until the muffins golden brown, lift, set aside. Sprinkle the top of the muffins with the caster sugar to taste, serve.

Fancy Seafood dishes, delicious and rich in nutrients in The Restaurant

For those lovers of culinary seafood, surely know will actually existing nutrients contained therein. Not only is rich in nutrients, in the processing and presentation of seafood, quite challenging.
Because, the richness of the flavor of a unique seafood and tantalizing, will not tereksplore well, if a meat offering of processing and less precise. Well, the presentation and processing of seafood it is important, in order to taste the typical, seafood can be enjoyed to its fullest by the consumer demand.
As served at The Restaurant, which is in The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung. Seafood, processed correctly so that the resulting taste ever so typical with seafood flavors and served so luxurious.
For typical seafood soup, Seafood Chowder became one of the appetizer dishes that match before eating other seafood menus. As the cream soup ala seafood, this menu has a light and savory flavors are balanced.
The way of manufacture is quite simple. First, heat the butter and add with onions-bawangan, carrots, celery, leeks, and potatoes until softened. Then input the fish stock and fresh milk until the soup thickens, looks new input of clams, fish and seafood to blend, and add a little salt and pepper.
"In our seafood menu named Seafood Sensation this time, we present a variety of seafood processed in typical style, ranging from Western, Asian and seafood dishes as well as local specialities. Most of our seafoodnya for a usage import, "said Sous Chef, Luxury Hotel the trance The Lukmanul Hakim.
Other soup, which is a savory menu nusantara i.e. typical Seafood Laksa Soup. As generally the making of thousands, rich yellow condiment and seasoning added Cayenne, ebi and coconut milk.
For isiannya, this menu appended noodle vermicelli, egg, tofu, tomatoes, celery leaves and daung bawangt. Seafood in the form of scallops and snapper is sliced thin and served with gravy soupnya. As a result, seafood Laksa dish is thick and savory, guaranteed to keep you hooked for more delicious.
For you lovers of meu crab, certainly can't miss the Crab dish with Singaporean Chili Sauce. The crab dish with sauce typical of Singapore is just as delicious with two servings of soup before.
In manufacturing, the chef pick crabs weighing about 250 gr which is then processed by boiling. Then, order the crab tasted more crispy and savory, then given a little flour and dipped in egg yolk. After that, fried until half cooked.
For the sauce, you can make the sauce typical Singapore way of mixing dry red chili, chili, garlic, nutmeg, dried shrimps and lemongrass. The ingredients are then sauteed with chicken broth and tomatoes until thickened. In serving, you live a crab sauteed then serves concurrently with the sauces that have been processed.
"In General, processed crab and sauce Singapore, presented separately. So how to eat it, you can pick up crab meat which is then dicoel it into the sauce. But if you put together was not a problem. We also recommend that, in choosing a crab, you should choose a female crab because its flesh is more than a male crab. Crab meat will grow, if you manipulate the female crab, which in part his body still contained eggs crab, "bright Executive Sous Chef, Nalendra Anindita.

5 Tips to select and Cultivate Seafood Safely

To get the maximum quality of the dishes, seafood is a matter that needs to be addressed specifically. Little mistakes in processing the seafood dishes that will produce less quality.
Therefore, it is very important to seafood that is not only delicious but also fresh and not lose his nutritional.
The most important stages in the processing of seafood was the selection of raw materials. Given our concern towards the mercury content is identical to the fish of the sea, it is extremely important to  ensure seafood obtained from the right so that its nutrition value can also be absorbed by our body to its full potential.
"We want to pamper visitors with fine seafood specialties international but not leave a taste of Indonesia and most importantly is presenting the authenticity of the taste of seafood and high," beber Nalendra Anindita, Executive Sous Chef of The Restaurant that's located in The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung.
Well here's the executive chef give tips to select and cultivate seafood safely:
1. If you purchase shrimp or squid or other seafood in a State of death, you should notice the aroma and the texture of his flesh. Make sure the seafood aroma still fresh and smell fishy, no foul-smelling, and not slimy.
2. If you select should choose crab crab is alive and does not smell foul. If you select usakan the shells of clams, in a State still alive and the shell is still close.
3. To clean the seafood, crab, clams and to brush the shells and clean the crab claws are also part until clean. As for fish, fish skin scales with a knife, scoop out the innards and then wash to clean litter.
4. seafood in containers, such as squid, shrimp, fish and seafood, should be stored in the frezzer. So as not to belebihan the fishy smell fast, before it entered into the frezzer coat thoroughly with the spices. As for the crab and scallops should both be boiled beforehand with spices like bay leaf or leaves of Orange, a new store in the fridge.
5. In the processing of seafood, sometimes we worry if there are substances that are toxic or cause allergies, if not treated appropriately. For clams and crabs, preferably charcoal in water input rebusannya. For the crab, should not be cooked for too long because it will result in a lot more crab meat.

Special Holiday Recipes, egg layers of spinach and Roasted Almonds

Fill out the vacation time or weekends will increasingly favor if accompanied with a mouth-watering dishes. Especially if fast and easy in it.
This time, we try to present one of the typical recipes from Egypt, named Dukkah Baked Eggs with Toast Soldiers. I.e. a mix of flavors of toasted almonds and spinach, crispy coating as to envelop the subtlety of the egg.
Besides recipes from easy, guaranteed is able to keep you hooked. Not only that, the spinach and egg Bake with Almond is also suitable if it is served in the morning as breakfast, cereal at family events, or other vacation moment, lho. Good luck!
10 grams of butter
100 grams of spinach leaves
2 leeks, thinly sliced
80 g feta cheese, mashed (can be substituted with cream cheese)
4 eggs
80 ml heavy cream
1 tbsp almond has been in mash
Garlic bread to complement
How to make:
Preheat the oven to 180 ° c.
* Melt the butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the spinach and cook for 2-3 minutes or until spinach is wilted. Turn off the heat, then season with salt and pepper.
* Prepare the ramekins or cups ceramic, brush with melted butter. Add the spinach to taste and add the green onion and cheese to taste.
* Break the eggs slowly, add it to each of the ramekins and then add the cream, chives, cheese, and finally, add the almonds. Don't forget to give a salt and pepper to taste.
* Place ramekins on a baking sheet and put in the big oven. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until egg whites are fused but the yolk is still half-baked or according to your wishes.
* Serve while warm with the extra garlic bread.